About us

HSM Vertaalbureau was founded in 1992. Our translation agency always strives to achieve long-term relationships with our customers. One of the reasons for these long-term partnerships is the excellent value-for-money our services represent. One of the ways we aim to guarantee the quality of our services is through our reliance on a historical archive which contains all the past work we have ever undertaken as well as the customer-specific terminology and wishes of each client.

The same reliance on long-term partnerships also relates to our network, our partners, and our native speakers and sworn translators. As far as possible, we employ the same dedicated translators for our clients and for specific subject areas. This not only ensures text consistency, but also helps guarantee rapid response times.

A clear, structured work approach and reliable automated system underpin the efficiency and quality of our service provision.

HSM is then able to deliver more added value through personal involvement, by contributing valuable suggestions, and by thinking ahead. Together, these steps guarantee that we (can) always stick to the agreements we have reached with you.

A solid basis
HSM Vertaalbureau was founded by Hiltrud Scheeren-Martens. She and Loek Scheeren are the management team and the solid basis for day-to-day operations at HSM. Responsibility for the quality of the translations and content assessment of all translations lies primarily with Hiltrud. Loek coordinates the activities, monitors the day-to-day planning, maintains contacts with clients and translators, and is responsible for process evaluation.

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